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Wrong Decision :

In life, a lot depends upon the decisions we make. A right decision can make your life beautiful and prosperous whereas a wrong decision can make your life totally miserable. Sometimes in life, we do come across some situations which can change the course of our life forever. And, if we take some decision without fully understanding the consequences and/or intentionally ignoring the long term impact of that decision, then we might end up regretting later on in life. We will try to help you understand this point further by narrating a short story of a young and very ambitious man who got saved from taking a very wrong decision in life.Read More >>>

     Once a man named John was having big dreams for his life and wanted to earn a lot of money and aspired to have all the good things in life. He always prayed to God to help him become very rich & promised to invest a lot towards nature & helping the poor after becoming wealthy. He was very optimistic & positive about his life. He always told to his friends and neighbors that he would become the richest person in his area. Although he was born in a very poor family, he dreamt big and his dreams would not let him sleep. Throughout the night, he would constantly keep thinking about how to earn lot of money. Then one day a friend came to him with a business plan. His friend told him casually, “John, do you know that there is a lot of money in selling drugs and that in this line of work, one does not have to do much except to deliver a small packet to another person. For this simple task, he would be rewarded with lakhs of rupees”.Read More >>>

      Hearing this idea, he went into turmoil and started thinking about this option. On the one hand, he was excited that he could earn so much money in such a short time by just delivering a packet, but on the other hand he was also scared of spending his whole life in jail if he were to get caught. Then a thought came to him that his real dream is to reach a good position in life and have good name & fame. If he were to get involved in drug dealing now, and later in life even if he tried to earn money in a good way, then people would always think that he earned this money by selling drugs. This thought struck his mind and touched his heart so much that in his mind he took a firm decision to become wealthy by using the right way only.
      In this world, not all people have used wrong ways to become rich and fulfill their dreams. So, it totally depends upon you, which way you choose to fulfill your dreams – right or wrong?

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