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Reasons of Unemployment

Self Created Problem

No one else but we ourselves are responsible for giving rise to unemployment. Many times, we blame ourselves, our parents, our government, for remaining unemployed. . ...

Road Blocks in Employment

This is a very important factor which is pushing people towards unemployment. Nowadays, it is a commonly seen that students opt for. . ....

Lack of Practical Knowledge

Sometimes, many people, despite being highly educated also, do not easily get a job. The reason for this is that they lack practical knowledge about their field. . ...


Population is a major factor which not only gives rise to unemployment but is also responsible for a lot many other bad aspects as well. . ...


Many children are unable to study due to being poor and having less money and they find themselves unemployed right from the starting but there is only one reason for their poverty . . ....

Wastage of time on Social Sites

Nowadays, many young people are spending a lot of time on their phone, facebook, whatsapp or internet, sometimes even more than 8 hours every day. . ....

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