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Un-necessary Needs

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Un-necessary Needs :

Many people resort to stealing to fulfill some of their desires. But stealing can never fulfill all the desires of the person’s life because desires are never-ending. When a person opts to steal in order to fulfill his one desire, then it might fulfill his one desire, but this act also attaches a tag of “Thief” on that person for life. After that, whether that person becomes wealthy in the most honest way, but for the rest of his life people will always think he has used dishonest means to become rich.Read More >>>

     Moreover, people will think twice before letting him into their house, and if by chance something goes missing in their house, they will always think that he has taken it and will file a theft report against this person with the police. By resorting to wrong means to fulfill his desire, he got the label of Thief for the rest of his life. So, always think twice about the way you choose to fulfill your desires. By choosing the wrong way, like stealing, you might end up spoiling your image in society for your whole life.

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