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Un-Education :

Many children are unable to study as they are unable to afford good education due to being born in a poor family. Due to lack of education, such children find themselves unemployable right from the start. But the main reason for their poverty is actually lack of good knowledge and exposure about each and everything.Read More >>>

      The person who has been blessed by God with a whole body, that person should not consider himself poor by any means. Such a person should identify the reasons for his remaining poor, and work hard to ensure those reasons do not come in the way of the future of their children, and strive hard to provide them a good education for their bright future. We remain poor due to our lack of education and not using our money with the correct knowledge. If we haven’t been able to learn these lessons in our life, it doesn’t matter. Now that we have become aware of this problem, and still we don’t give the right education to our children, then we will be directly responsible for their dull future.Read More >>>

      While we motivate young people to set high goals and work had to achieve them, we also provide training to help them develop strong communication and inter-personal skills apart from other vital skills that will be very useful in their professional careers. We want to contribute significantly to the bright future of the country, and so we actively seek to meet other people who want to work in this direction. If you have some ideas that can contribute to the country’s progress in some way, then kindly get in touch with our organization (

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