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Ignorance is not bliss

Ignorance is not Bliss : If someone remains uneducated due to being poor, it does not mean that he cannot understand or that he cannot be made to understand. Many uneducated people are unaware about the dangers of excessive cutting of trees, wastage of water, environment pollution and other such issues. Instead of blaming them for these problems, if we adopt the route of educating them by properly explaining and making them aware about the dangerous impact these activities are having on the environment and how this will affect all human beings, including our children and future generations, then those uneducated persons will become aware of their mistake and will think twice before doing those activities again. Further, they will also impart good knowledge about these issues to their friends, neighbours and children for the benefit of future generations and the country.Read More >>>

      If you are also aware about these good practices and you know that these should be promoted, but still you do not share and promote them with the public, then you are also indirectly behaving as an uneducated person. It is the responsibility of everyone, including you and me, to share this knowledge with those less unfortunate ones. If the majority of the population remains uneducated and unaware about the dangers to the environment and doesn’t adopt better ways, then the whole society suffers the consequences, and it will be unfair on our part to put the blame solely on the uneducated section of the society. Hence, while Knowledge is Power, in the above cases, Ignorance is NOT Bliss.Read More >>>

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