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To Reduce Tensions

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To Reduce Tensions :

Many people start taking drugs as a way to become tension-free or to avoid some emotional pain. But always remember that life is not just about one tension/problem but is actually full of lot many tensions/problems/challenges. If we start taking drugs for reducing our tensions, then that will not remove the tension from your life, but will actually take you towards even bigger problems that will ruin your life and even take you towards death.Read More >>>

      As you grow in life, you will get to face more and more tensions and problems, so every time will you turn to drugs to fix your tension? If you do, then gradually but surely, you will drown in the well that you dug up by taking drugs every time you experienced tension and ultimately you will die a painful death. So, while trying to find a solution for your tensions, please do not end up becoming addicted to drugs. But rather, with courage and better understanding, try to find other better solution for ending your tensions. While trying to find the solution for one particular problem, always remember that solution should not give birth to further problems / tensions in your life. Read More >>>

      Though drugs is a menace that affects a lot of families, and is promoted through lies and half-truths by those with vested interests, we as a society can fight back by creating more awareness about it on the ground level. For this we require your full cooperation and support. If you want to do something good for the society and contribute to the country‚Äôs progress in some way, then kindly get in touch with our organization (

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