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Self Created Problems

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Self Created Problems : No one else but we ourselves are responsible for giving rise to unemployment. Many times, we blame ourselves, our parents, our government, etc. for remaining unemployed but to a very large extent this is a result of our own mistake. When a person does not remain focused on his work and changes his line of work many times in life, then he will not achieve lasting success in life and ultimately a situation gets created where he finds himself unemployable after some time. Somewhere down the line, this situation is a creation of his own wrong decisions, wherein he played havoc with his own life and became unemployed. There are many other factors as well which cause a person to become unemployable, like: Read More >>>

i) Habit of Postponing - Constantly only keep thinking about doing some work, but never actually getting started.
ii) Taking No Interest in the Work - Having started the work, but not taking any interest in doing the work sincerely.
iii) Getting Diverted by Listening to Other’s Opinions - While doing the work with full interest, abandoning the work in hand midway upon someone else’s suggestion or remaining stuck in an endless loop of seeking the opinions of others without actually making much progress.
iv) Not Utilizing their Youth Properly - Most people do not understand the importance of time, and keep saying that they are only 21-22 years old and question the need to start working so early in life. By the time they actually decide to start working, they have lost half their youth.
v) Being Dependent Upon Others - They keep sitting in hope of someone else helping them out while they waste their precious time.
vi) Waiting for the Right Opportunity - Always waiting for the perfect time or the perfect career or the perfect situation to get started, but never actually doing anything in the interim.

The above are just a few of the many self-created reasons which cause a person to become and remain unemployed. If you also find yourself to be stuck in any of the above scenarios, then try your level best to quickly come out of this situation and start your journey towards success. Read More >>>

Our youth remaining unemployed is a big problem for the society, and appropriate solutions must be found in order to tap the full potential of our youth for the progress of the country. We are actively working in this direction to educate and empower our youth with vital skills that are essential to gain an edge in this highly competitive world. If you have some ideas that can contribute to the country’s progress in some way, then kindly get in touch with our organization (

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