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Road Blocks in Employment

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Roadblocks is Employment :

This is a very important factor which is causing people to remain unemployed. Nowadays, it is a commonly seen that students opt for the Medical subjects in 11th and 12th class, then switch to B.Com at the time of Graduation but later on pursue their Master’s degree in some other stream like MBA... these three categories are different from each other and have no correlation with each other. Such students will not become experts in any field and will face difficulty in getting good jobs later on in life.Read More >>>

      Many times it happens that children, when parents insist, are forced to opt for fields they have little interest in and this ultimately causes them to fail in those subjects. Parents should always check whether their child has any interest in that particular field, and should encourage and support the child to study and become a professional in a field of their interest so that he is able to enjoy his work and enjoy a successful career.Read More >>>

      It can also happen that despite the best efforts and support from the family, the child does not get entry in the field of their choice. In such cases, one should not feel disheartened but rather look at it very positively. When one door closes, another one surely opens. So, one should seek other areas where they can work with passion and enthusiasm. Ultimately, work is worship and it is our attitude which makes all the difference.

Read More >>>       Unemployment is a big problem for the youth of our society, and appropriate solutions must be found in order to tap their potential for the progress of the country. While we are working to help the youth develop vital skills necessary to get employed, we also invite cooperation and support in this direction from others. If you want to do something good for the society and have some ideas that can contribute to the country’s progress in some way, then kindly get in touch with our organization (

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