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Responsibility & Care

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Responsibility & Care :

Friends, we should be most careful in the age between 11 to 20 years because this is the age when we are most vulnerable to negative influences like crime, drugs, alcohol, etc. If during this slippery age, our parents pay special attention to the good grooming of their children, then in the coming years social evils like drugs, crime, etc. can be eliminated from our society. Most children get attracted to these negative habits and become its victim during this young age, and this habit continues with them for the rest of their adult life. Hence, it becomes very important that we pay close attention to every aspect of our child’s life during these years, especially their friend circle, the people they interact with and the habits they adopt. It is also very important that we take out time at least once a week to educate them about all these negative influences already present in the society and what impact these can have on their life, so that they become alert and consciously stay away from these bad habits in order for them to become good members of the society.

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