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Regret :

Many times in life, we experience feelings of regret and repentance. If, during an intense fight or a road side accident, a person ends up permanently losing an important body part like arm, leg or eye, then he will experience bitterness about that incident for the rest of his life. Sometimes, he will also become so depressed that he will start feeling like his whole life has come to an end and he has nothing else to look forward to. When he sees someone else happy and enjoying their life, he becomes very angry at them and starts shouting at them without any reason, to the extent that others start perceiving him as a mad man.Read More >>>

      In extreme cases, the person even tries to end his life. Regret can be due to many reasons – due to losing someone close, due to a romantic relation forever coming to an end, and many other situations like these, wherein one ends up constantly regretting whatever has happened in the past. The best solution for these types of regret situations is to avoid getting into such situation in the first place. We should avoid getting involved in fights. We should try to drive carefully and slowly while on the road. And if we lose something very important or valuable to us, we should accept it as the will of God, and move on in life.Read More >>>

      If you are already going through a phase of constant regret in life, then immediately command your mind that you want to come out of this repentant mood and start focusing your attention on any other better alternative that helps you stay away from these depressing thoughts. Because life is very long and if you spend every day surrounded by depressing thoughts, then every day will become a struggle & full of stress. So, make your heart and mind strong and learn to live life positively and with enthusiasm.

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