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  • reasons of provoking
  • reasons of provoking
  • reasons of provoking
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Provocation :

has become one of the main reasons for increasing crime rates across the world. Most people are unaware about how powerful their words can be and how they can be used to provoke / influence another person towards committing a crime, hence they never bother to choose their words carefully before speaking. It is an undeniable fact that most conflicts, wars and domestic disputes start due to the use of provoking words against each other. If we analyse any fight/conflict in depth, then we will realize that provocative words like "Kill Them", "Hit Them", etc are used frequently before any mob violence, leading to the death of many people, huge destruction of property and also heavy loss to the nation. By having control over the words we use, especially on words/comments that can provoke other people to become angry and take violent steps, we can save a lot of lives as well as help maintain peace and harmony in the world. As per the law, any person who influences/pressurizes another person to commit an illegal act is also equally liable to be held guilty for that act, even though he did not actually commit the crime, since the illegal act was actually carried out at his instructions.

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Let us see the far-reaching consequences of provocation by narrating a story:-
It often happens, when someone (e.g. Sam) gets involved in an argument or feels he has been insulted by another person (e.g. Harry), he feels hurt and later shares the incident details with his close friend (e.g. Tom). Tom, instead of trying to understand the episode in a calm and detached manner from a neutral position, gets angry and provokes Sam to fight back by saying “Sam, if Harry has insulted you, it means he has also insulted me. Now, together, we will definitely teach him a lesson for this mistake.” In a short while, inspired by the provoking/influencing words used by Tom, Sam collects his other friends and within no time, this small argument between Sam & Harry starts taking shape of bigger mob violence. Sam’s group pick up hockey sticks, cricket bats, metal rods, etc to attack and kill Harry. Soon, the news about the approaching mob reaches Harry, and he also collects his friends to fight back with Sam & his group.

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      An ugly battle happens between the two groups which causes a lot of casualties. Many end up getting injured in the battle, while some end up losing their arms, legs or even their lives. Unfortunately, in this fight, Sam also dies. When Tom hears about Sam’s death, he is filled with grief and he cries a lot over the dead body of Sam. He is filled with regret about his foolish step to provoke Sam to fight; otherwise his friend could have been alive today.
At home, Sam’s sister and his mother are waiting anxiously at the doorstep for him to return. However, suddenly they get the shocking news that the sister’s brother and the mother’s only son is no longer in this world. Friends, the lesson we get in this sad story is, if Tom, to whom Sam had initially gone, instead of provoking him, had patiently listened to Sam and helped him understand that “Small arguments like these keep happening every day, and we should forgive each other and forget about such incidents and move on in life”, then the mob battle would not have happened in the first place.
       So, the moral of the story is that whenever someone comes to you agitated, you should always try to calm him down and encourage him to resolve the matter peacefully.

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