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Pesticid Use & Adulteration

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Pesticides :

Nowadays it is quite a common sight to see a lot of adulteration happening in milk and other products as well as excessive use of pesticides to grow crops. As a result, people end up consuming these adulterated products widely and end up becoming sick with deadly diseases like cancer, reproductive dysfunction, diabetes, autism, asthma, birth defects, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases and more.Read More >>>

     Those people, who are growing these pesticide-infected crops and selling these adulterated products, are doing so without any sort of fear. If a survey is done today, then we will find a very high percentage of adulteration prevalent in any city. We all are well aware of this situation and we do talk about the increasing levels of adulteration and pesticide use and the diseases caused by this malpractice in our day-to-day lives but we do not stand up and speak against the people indulging in this wrong activity or our voice is silenced. If you feel some person is indulging in adulteration, then that person should be made aware that by doing so, apart from earning extra money, he is also spoiling the future of the upcoming generations of the country. He will be held guilty and accountable not just in the eyes of the countrymen but also in the eyes of God. He will not be able to escape the ill wishes of the people of the country and the small innocent children who end up consuming these infected products.

Read More >>> 2. It is a commonly seen amongst farmers and dairy producers to follow a different approach to grow crops and milk for their own use. For their own use, they do not use pesticides, injections or adulterants in the crops, fruits, vegetables and milk produce. However, they indiscriminately use various manmade chemicals in order to artificially increase the quality of their produce so that they fetch a higher price in the market.Read More >>>

      However, man quickly forgets his own mistake and falls into his own trap. When we use these ways to increase our income, other people in the same profession will also find out about them and will also copy these techniques to increase their own income as well. Very soon, the market will be flooded with pesticide and chemical infected food products, and other people and children will end up consuming these unnatural products. It is not hard to imagine that one day our own children will at some point get exposed to these infected products through their friends or directly from the market. Read More >>>

      In this way, we end up creating a situation where the health of our own children and of the whole country gets spoiled by consuming the infected products we produce and sell in the market. This way we are indirectly causing our own nation to remain weak and hence become an obstacle in the progress of our country. Not only do we become an enemy of the country, but also a criminal in the eyes of God and the society. Let us take an oath to stop doing such wrong actions and if you find any person indulging in these wrong activities, kindly inform our organization through our website so that we can stop and control these wrong people.

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