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Mostly Drugs are Promoted by known people

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Mostly Drugs are Promoted by known people:

Nowadays, it is quite possible that the people you trust, like your good friends and close relatives, will try to motivate you to start taking drugs. At this point, let us clarify who in reality can be called best friends and best relatives. Those people who think about your good and bright future, those who stop you from going in the wrong direction and advise you against wrong things, those who motivate you for doing the right work in the society, you can consider them as your well wishers and your best friends and relatives.Read More >>>

      But if someone says with lot of pride and love / emotionally blackmails you and says “Friend, just for my sake, try one dose of drugs and see how you feel, nothing bad will happen, I promise. Can’t you take a small dose of drugs for me? I can give my life for you”, such persons want to destroy/hurt you. Such persons will try their level best to get you to try drugs just once; such persons cannot be your best friends but are your worst enemy who have come to destroy your life in some form or another. People say that we should stay away from bad company, but in addition, we must also stay away from such so called Best Friends & Close Relatives who encourage you to start using drugs. Read More >>>

      Though drugs is a menace that affects a lot of families, and is promoted through lies and half-truths by those with vested interests, we as a society can fight back by creating more awareness about it on the ground level. For this we require your full cooperation and support. If you want to do something good for the society and contribute to the country’s progress in some way, then kindly get in touch with our organization (

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