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Misunderstanding :

Due to wrong assumptions, a misunderstanding gets created. Under misunderstanding, many people commit grave unthinkable acts, like killing our own family members. Whenever in your life, you feel like there is a possibility of some misunderstanding, please do not take any impulsive step. First carefully analyse the whole incident and try to find out the root cause of the misunderstanding before taking any big step.Read More >>>

     Common Reasons for Misunderstanding.
A. Situation # 1: Your girlfriend/wife starts interacting and laughing with someone else.
You think : Your girlfriend/wife is having an affair with that person.
Actual : However, there is nothing like this as you are thinking.

B. Situation # 2: Someone does not pick up the phone intentionally in urgent time.
You think : That person is avoiding talking to you.
Actual : At that time, he was admitting his father into the hospital due to road accident.
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      Like this, there can be many more other situations which can quite easily lead to misunderstanding. Sometimes, we end up taking harsh steps under some misunderstanding without confirming the truth & also unleash all our anger on them. Many people even resort to using abusive language and physical violence, which can have far-reaching negative effects. So, in such situations, please try to deal with patience and a cool mind. Always try to get to the depth of the matter before making any final decision. Any final step you take under misunderstanding can give you a really big loss that you might really regret later. It might also cause you to forever lose your close friends, your wife, your girlfriend or your family members. At the outset, this may seem like a very small matter but in many cases these small issues have become very big reasons for people fighting amongst each other and remaining angry with each other for their whole lives.

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