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Minor Conflicts & Domestic Problems

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Minor Conflicts & Domestic Problems :

In life, many times small disputes lead people to end up taking big decisions like divorce that forever makes their life miserable. Nowadays, a lot of divorces are seen happening in society, because small issues are quite easily allowed to turn into bigger issues of conflict.Read More >>>

      These small issues only become bigger when neither the husband nor the wife sit down together and try to understand each other’s views and clear out their misunderstandings. When they fail to do so, they involve other people like close friends and other family members to help them settle their arguments, but sometimes this makes the situation even worse. Instead of helping the couple patch up their differences, they only make the matters worse by making comments like “until your husband is not handed over to the police, he will not learn his lesson”. Some even resort to using very abusive language and/or physical violence which really does not help to convey the correct message across to the other person.Read More >>>

      When the person hears abusive language or has to suffer physical violence, instead of understanding your point, the other person will also become angry and will start arguing back with you and respond to you in the same way by abusing you and even hitting you back. Nowadays, it is quite commonly seen that even women give advices like “leave your in-laws place once and go back to your parents place, then your husband will learn his lesson”. Instead of giving constructive advice like sitting down together and trying to understand their mutual differences and finding a workable solution for the conflict, such wrong advices only increase the conflict further. This inevitably leads to increase in mutual conflicts and ultimately causes the couple to go for divorce.

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