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Lack of awareness about the end result

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Lack of Knowledge about Result of Drugs :

Many people, whether knowingly or unknowingly, get introduced to drugs without realizing how a single dose of drugs can take them to a situation in life which they will regret for the rest of their lives. Drugs are very addicting and will take you to a stage in life from turning back is not easy. A single dose of drugs can create so much havoc that it can totally destroy a beautiful life forever.Read More >>>

      Many youngsters like to experiment in life and they get started with drugs very casually just to get a feel of drugs. When they enjoy the feeling of the initial hangover and they see that they did not die from the first experience, they repeat it again, which they justify to themselves by saying that nothing happens by taking only one or two doses. After some time, they become bolder and while chasing that initial HIGH, they start taking drugs more frequently. Gradually, they increase their intake of drugs, from 1 or 2 doses, to 4-5 doses, to 8-10 doses everyday… till a stage comes where they have become so heavily addicted that they find it impossible to live without drugs.Read More >>>

      Actually, the real culprit is the lack of correct knowledge and awareness about what really happens to a person after consuming drugs. We do not need to talk about what happens after taking drugs, because there are enough living examples in our society who are addicted to drugs. Imagine yourself to be in the position of the father, whose 13 year old child has just tasted his first dose of drugs. This first deadly dose of drugs will not give a chance to his father to see his son grow up to be a healthy adult, because every dose of drugs reduces your life and makes you dull and unproductive.Read More >>>

      So, if any friend or relative tries to give you drugs by telling you that nothing happens with just one dose, then that person is not your well wisher but is contributing to your destruction. Such persons are not only your own enemy, but also an enemy of the country since they not only are destroying your life but also, directly or indirectly, contributing to the destruction of the country.Read More >>>

     Though drugs is a menace that affects a lot of families, and is promoted through lies and half-truths by those with vested interests, we as a society can fight back by creating more awareness about it on the ground level. For this we require your full cooperation and support. If you want to do something good for the society and contribute to the country’s progress in some way, then kindly get in touch with our organization (

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