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Lack of Foresight Knowledge of Tone

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Lack of Foresight & Knowledge of Tone :

Having less knowledge or foresight before undertaking any task can lead to grave consequences, even landing us in jail. Having heard a lot of stories, we can say that many young people get convicted for crimes and go to jail only due to lack of knowledge / foresight about the effects of their actions, and end up spoiling their future.Read More >>>

     For example, a friend (e.g. Jack) posts some negative comments & uploads inappropriate pictures about his friend (e.g. Sunny) and the post goes viral. Jack made the comments very casually in a friendly manner, and did not think twice about its far-reaching consequences before posting the pictures on the internet. But this viral post caused embarrassment to Sunny in the society, so Sunny decides to lodge an FIR against his friend, Jack. Within a short span of time, the police arrive at Jack’s house, frame charges against him and put him in jail. Due to lack of foresight and legal knowledge, the inappropriate comments / post uploaded by Jack in a casual manner turned his beautiful life into an unending nightmare. So with this example, friends, we just want to advise you to carefully evaluate all possible consequences of “what you are going to do” & “what you want to say”. As the saying goes, “Think Twice Before You Act”.Read More >>>

ii) How small arguments end up turning into ugly fights. Sometimes we even end up getting dragged in those fights even though we were only trying to amicably resolve someone else’s arguments. Why does this happen?
   There is only one reason behind this and that is the TONE you use and not the actual words used when interacting with others. We have seen many times in life, many people do not use their tone of voice effectively & lose their patience and get angry while trying to make others understand their views. Some even go to the extent of using abusive language, beating the other person or even publically insulting and humiliating the other person.Read More >>>

      Most of the time, the other person cannot tolerate this kind of treatment and will start responding in the same way he gets treated. He will also become angry, start abusing and getting physically violent. This will turn into an unending “Tit-for-Tat” behaviour, and will only deepen the enmity between them and other people involved. What started as a good effort to pacify the other person turned into an even uglier situation just because the way of talking chosen was inappropriate. Similarly, many such scenarios are commonly observed in the lives of happily married couples, which in time turn into divorces. So, if you become angry while trying to make another person understand, then your efforts will go waste as the other person’s attention will get diverted from your words to your tone, and the conflict will only increase further. So, always try to remain calm and patient while interacting with others.

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