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Discrimination :

on the basis of caste, religion, skin color, gender, etc can be seen widely happening across the world. Even though people are fully aware all human beings in the world are equal so discrimination of any sort should not happen, still certain groups of people believe they are superior to others and continue to discriminate against others. When any person, especially the head of any community, hates any particular group of people due to their religion, caste, skin color, etc and seeks to take some form of personal revenge, then sometimes that community leader, in order to vent out his anger and frustration, starts speaking provoking things about the other group. Read More >>>

      Even though many times his followers may not completely agree with his thoughts, but due to continuous use of provoking/influencing words by the leader against other communities, the followers feel pressurized to get involved in fighting a religious war in order to completely eliminate the other communities. And, within no time, just because of the frustration of one person, a religious and caste based war gets started. Even though this hateful thought came from just one person, the community head, still these individual thoughts got turned into an ugly war affecting thousands of people. Similarly, it has been seen in conflicts/fights arising due to discrimination all over the world, that provoking comments/words have been used repeatedly to get people to fight with each other. So, my friends, many times if a leader repeatedly starts speaking hateful words against another religion or caste or community, then it means that person is sowing the seeds of war, instead of spreading peace and harmony in the country. Having control over provoking comments/words goes a long way in helping reduce discrimination of all forms.

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