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Code of Conducts and Ethics

Best Awareness Program expects all users/associate should comply/ respect the law, rights and dignity of others and uphold the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity while using our service. This code Conduct/Ethics forms part of the Best Awareness Program Policies & Procedures and all other regulations and agreements currently in place which bind every user. It is a mandatory requirement that associate comply with the Code of Conduct/ethics at all times. Failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result in termination of your access to the Best Awareness Program websites.

You agree not :-
i) to disrespect/threat/harass/degrade/hate any associate of Best Awareness Program or engage in objectionable or abusive conduct, unfair or aggressive conduct, fraudulent or tortuous while contacting or dealing with any other person of Best Awareness Program or providing business opportunity to anyone.
(ii) to use Best Awareness Program service for any fraudulent or unlawful purposes.
iii) to restrain/inhibit any person from using the service of Best Awareness Program.
iv) reproduce, copy, sell, resell, modify, decompile, adapt, redesign any portion/photos/contents of the best awareness program for any commercial/business purposes without the prior written consent of best awareness program.
v) to disrupt, hijack, disable & interfere in the operation of best awareness program by posting any virus, computer code, trojan horse, worm,time bomb, spyware or program that are harmful.
vi) to involve in any illegal activities which give rise to criminal or civil liability or violate any requirements/procedures/policies or regulation of the best awareness program.
vii) to use defamatory/disrespecting/insulting/threatening/opposing words against the any political party or India.
viii) to enter into any personal life of any registered other without his/her consent.
ix) to post any non-public information about a company without the proper authorization of such individual.
x) to make any social sites i.e. facebook /whats app/ instragram etc. group on the name of the best awareness program.
xi) to break the law any policy of the government belongs to you.
xii) falsely represent to any person any details regarding the financial rewards available under the best awareness program and not make any false or misleading representations about the features of Best awareness program products, services and program.
xiii) in the business plan estimates of profits are made, the assumptions on which they are based should be clearly stated.
xiv) to remove any Copyright, logos, trademark or other proprietary , all written materials are the copyright of BEST Awareness Program, the use of trademarks, logos or service marks or the publication of copyright materials may only be undertaken with the written authorization from best awareness program and not otherwise.
xv) encourage another associate to change Line of Sponsorship.
xvi) to arrange a seminar/camp without the written consent of the best awareness program.

10.1 Agree to
i) inform the best awareness program immediately if any mis-happening /illegal activity you see against the best awareness program.
ii) ensure about maintaining their personal presentation in dress, language and documentation to the highest possible standard.
iii) Use official literature as approved by best awareness program including forms, scripts and other tools.
iv) present the marketing plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of effort required to achieve success.
v) abide by all policies and procedures that are applicable to the operation of my business.
vi) Treat all prospects, down lines and associates with goodwill, and professional courtesy.

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